We offer a variety of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), as well as consultancy services, support and maintenance, a complete solution for cash handling and management, being our commercial ally GRG BANKING (http://www.grgbanking.com/en/).

GRG is a world leading supplier of solutions for the banking sector in the area of handling and managing cash with an increasing market share in the financial segment.

They specialize in developing and manufacturing ATMs: Full-function, Cash Recyclers and Cash Dispensers for financial institutions and retail business segment.

GRG broad range of alternatives is dedicated to expand the Self-Service options with eficiency and significant reduction of operational expenses.

We offer the H Series of ATM, compact, intelligent and user friendly which can be customized to the clients needs and requirements with excellent cost-efficiency ratio.

ATM Products

Serie H22N

The H22N series are compact cash dispensers, easy to use and maintain. Ergonomic design, completely configurable with very low operating costs, which maximizes its operation rentability providing a revenue-generating service.

Serie H68N

The H68N series ATMs has an advanced cash recycling technology, which significantly reduces the cost of frequent cash replenishment by shifting to dispense the cash received from customers deposits. Serial Number technology that allows to register the serial numbers of paper money. Biometric Authentication and coin dispensing features. Capable of supporting big volume transactions.


Our full-function ATM is very innovative, combining multi-function capabilities and powerfutl extensionability that allows to offer a wide range of transactions such as bill payment, coin dispensing, currency exchange, passport/ID card authentication and statement printing. It also offers biometric authentication. These ATMs can dispense and accept notes and checks. Perfect for big transaction locations.

GRG has the following certifications ISO9000, ISO14001, QC080000 and RoHS, PCI, EMV 1&2.

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