We offer our Clients

primary and secondary level services for our POS devices and ATMs

Consulting, development and programming of applications 

We are committed to bring quality service to our clients. Our team of professionals is capable to provide consulting services to your business and easily identify the solution that best suit your needs, always seeking operating efficiency and optimization of the available resources.

Our solutions can be adapted to the Financial, Retail, Transport and Government sectors to properly support business operations.

Our products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements related to innovation, security and reliability, taking into account the legal regulations.

Installation, removal and maintenance of PIN Pads, POS terminals and ATMs.

Among our services we offer installation, removal, reprogramming, corrective and preventive maintenance, and provision of consumables for our devices and equipment, as well as customer service.

Electronic recharge for prepaid services

We offer the integration, installation and maintenance of all the components associated to this service.

We will be pleased to provide more information about our products and services