Secure OTP (One-Time Password)

This is a tool designed to support the authentication processes in Internet Banking, e-commerce, Mobile Banking, ATMs and POS Terminals.

Our solution fulfills all the security standards required for processing electronic transactions, very easy to manage.

Secure-OTP is perfect for financial institutions to ensure secure authentication, using an open platform simple to implement, administer and monitor.

Electronic Recharge

We offer our Online Electronic Recharge platform for prepaid services such as mobile phones, internet, and cable TV among others, through POS Terminals, ATMs or Cash Registers.

Our solution targets the Banking and Retail sectors and integrates the value chain between the Telecom company and end user. Includes hardware and software necessary for implementation as well as training.

We provide support once the service point is up and running, along with maintenance for the merchant network, and technical assistance.

Comprehensive Management for the Issuing Business

This is an end-to-end processing solution, developed to completely manage all needs of the e-payments business,

operating cards from all franchises (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Private Label).

We have a team of experienced professionals and specialists that add value to every client during the implementation of this solution.

It is currently in production, serving the financial and retail sectors in Ecuador, Guatemala, Republica Dominicana and

Chile with more than 5 million cards managed.

This system operates under very simple parameters, self-management with unlimited amount of users and low investment thanks to its architecture.

POS Terminals Multi-affiliates

Comprehensive solution for financial institutions to maximize the POS Terminals.

Numerous merchants can be affiliated through the same POS device.

It is a low cost solution with low impact on the bank technological platform and high profitability. Handles a variety of financial transactions and services for the bank affiliates and third party, such as mobile phone top-up, loyalty programs or collection of taxes.

Nonbanking Correspondant

We offer a complete solution for the management of Nonbanking Correspondant.

It is an application integrated to the bank financial services specially aimed to lower income customers, located far away from physical bank branches.

Among the services offered are: balance inquiries, debit and credit card transactions, bill payment and cash withdrawal.

We will be pleased to provide more information about our products and services

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