We offer a wide variety of cards which target the financial, telecommunications, retail, government and transport segments. We have achieved leadership as suppliers of prepaid phone cards for the telecommunications segment, as well as providing technical assistance to financial institutions for EMV migration.

Our clients benefit from our proven experience with high technology and value added products.

We manufacture different types of PVC card, ISO 7810 compliant, and different reading technologies to identify persons or products.

We have commercial alliances with world-renowned companies in the PVC, such as:

HOGIER GARTNER Cia S.A. Company with more than 60 years of experience in the graphic arts industry, characterized by the optimization of its human and technological resources. For 20 years now, this organization has had the certifications of VISA INTERNATIONAL, MASTERCARD and DINERS CLUB, for the production of credit and debit cards.
KONA I. Company located in Seoul, with more than 10 years of experience as a leader in the smart card industry. This organization is our commercial ally, certified by VISA INTERNATIONAL, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB and AMEX to produce financial cards. Pioneer in developing the first JAVA based card in South Korea under the brand name of KONA. Worldwide presence in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The KONA chip is EMV certified, and has VISA and MASTERCARD CQM production certification, as well as the Quality Management Certification ISO9001:2008.

Card Type


  • Our Financial Cards (Smartcard) are certified with the franchises: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express. We also offer different chip technologies: Open Platform (Multos and Advantis) and Propietary Platform (Kona).


  • We offer cards with EMV chip technology, open or propietary platform, proximity (contactless), combined (dual interface), ISO 7816 compliant, including Multos, Advantis TIBC and Java operating systems.

  • GSM-SIM cards for telecom companies.

Banda Magnetica

  • Our magnetic stripe cards can have low or high coercivity, can be white or printed, to enhance solutions for an easy and secure access, very common in the hotel sector.

Pre pagadas Sgratch off Loterias

  • Our Prepaid Cards have different uses and purposes such as: phone service, Internet, and lottery among others.
  • Depending on the use, can have magnetic stripe, chip, pin number, scratch-off or barcode.

Gift Card

  • Our Gift Cards are an excellent solution to offer rewards.

Alimentación y Bonificaciones

  • We offer cards with magnetic stripe or chip technology as a solution for the payment of benefits, such as meal vouchers, food vouchers or fuel vouchers.


  • Our loyalty cards can be produced in different formats and shapes, depending on the client needs. We can also develop applications for loyalty, fidelity or membership programs.


  • We offer cards for Access Control, Identification Cards and Driver’s Licenses among others.


  • We design and manufacture lottery tickets with the latest printing technology, using formats tailor-made for our clients.

Cards Commercial Allies

  • hogier
  • Konai